Introducing a New Business Course for Creatives: Art Biz 101

Art Biz 101: A New Business Course for Creatives

If you have ever wanted to move from selling your art as a hobby to selling your art as a full time business, then Art Biz 101 is for you. I have designed the course specifically for creative folks who want to open their own business for the first time. This includes painters, sculptors, quilters, stampers, potters, craftspersons and artisans of any type.

In Art Biz 101, here is some of what you'll learn:

  • How to determine the vision for your dream business
  • How to set up a legal business entity
  • How to manage finances and cash flow for a successful business
  • How to develop a pricing strategy for sales and profitability
  • How to determine your niche market to focus your marketing and sales for greater success
  • How to choose a domain name and develop a great website to optimize sales
  • How to develop collateral material that will be key to your success
  • And much more!

If you're interested in attending a workshop with me in 2018, check out my list of upcoming workshops: (You can view a list of 2018 workshops HERE)

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