David: The Short Story

I am a Nationally Recognized Painting Workshop Instructor, Contemporary Painter, Author of the book "Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workbook," and founder of Abstract Painting Academy, Design Fundamentals for the Artist and Visual Arts Business Academy (available 2017). I am one of the top abstract painting workshop instructors in the United States because I teach students how to focus on Design Fundamentals so they can Loosen-Up and Let Go. My innovative, extremely popular workshops are fast paced, high energy and usually filled to overflowing by students eager to learn a better way to paint.

David: The Long Story

David: The Kid - 1960-1979
I was born in 1960 on the same day as John F. Kennedy, Jr. (believe me that is all we had in common!). I grew up in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I began my art career at about age 4 creating three dimensional objects usually from cardboard and transparent tape. I could always draw well and I was encouraged by a great uncle who purchased for me my first set of colored pencils and my first sketch book - and it was on!

David: College and The Hand Injury - 1979-1985
I developed an interest in architecture in high school and decided I wanted to be an architect. I spent my first year of college at Virginia Tech taking advantage of general course offerings and honing my drawing ability. In 1980 I transferred to the College of Architecture at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte to begin my architectural studies. The following year changed my life forever. I was working on a project in a wood shop and severely injured my right (dominant) hand. At the time no one, including the gifted surgeon who somehow managed to put me back together, knew how I would recover. I missed a month of school and spent a year in physical therapy. Today I have about 75% use of the hand and a hooked pinky finger as a reminder of that day. I went on to get married in 1984 and graduate college with honors in 1985.

David: The Architect - 1985-2013
For the next 28 years I worked as an architect (I am now retired) designing all sorts of building types. It was a fun way to make a living - but another passion was at work building a fire in my heart that could not be extinguished.

David: The Beginning Painter - 1991-2004
In 1991 my wife and I attended a watercolor exhibition in South Carolina. and I decided I could paint like that - even though I had never before picked up a paint brush. Upon returning to our home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina I purchased some watercolor painting gear and decided to take a class to learn how to use this new gear. After a very unfulfilling class I decided to teach myself to paint - so I did. Boy was that a struggle! I toiled for 10 years, never showing a painting to anyone but my wife - 10 years! Finally after finding and reading two wonderful books written by artist Frank Webb, and attending a workshop given by my friend and mentor Sterling Edwards, I finally got it - literally an epiphany. I began painting like a mad man with new found hope and skills. I gained quite a following with brisk sales for many years. Yet change was coming - again.

David: The Teacher and Abstract Painter - 2005-Present
In 2005 I had the opportunity to teach a watercolor painting class at a local art supply store and I knew after the first class that I wanted to teach. I knew that I needed to pass along my hard earned knowledge of painting and design to others. This is about the same time I began to notice a major shift in my work - it was becoming more abstract. This abstract shift combined with my desire to seek gallery representation pushed me to begin painting in acrylics on canvas. I was immediately hooked - as one of my collectors said "David and acrylics began dating and quickly fell in love." I had never felt so free as a painter. I realized it was what I was meant to do - this is my path, my bliss.

Today I teach painters in workshops across the United States to Loosen-Up Their Painting Styles by painting Bigger, Faster, Fresher, and Looser. The main reason I feel lead to teach is so that I can lessen the learning curve and struggle of my fellow painters. My personal struggle with painting was too long and painful - I want to make that path easier for others.

I am a prolific painter and regularly create well over 150 paintings a year. My paintings have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and are housed in corporate collections in North Carolina and private collections throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.
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