Hi, I'm David.

An Abstract Painter, Nationally Recognized Art Educator, Juror and Author dedicated to helping YOU become a better painter, period.

Through live workshop events, books, videos and online training courses I help painters, both amateur and professional alike, to loosen up their painting style, understand art design fundamentals and discover the joy and freedom of abstract painting. Painting that comes from the heart, not the head.

I am ready to Instruct, Inspire and Motivate YOU to become the painter YOU have always wanted to be.

People often ask me how I became an abstract painter and art instructor.

The Fact Is, I Almost Didn't
When I was a kid I was amazing at drawing anything I saw and making objects out of cardboard and tape (like "phasers" and "communicators" from Star Trek!). These two talents lead me to the very practical career of architecture, rather than art.

However, a month before my 21st birthday my life turned upside down. I severely injured my dominant hand in a wood shop accident. At this lowest point in my life, I didn't know if I would ever be able to hold a pencil again and thought my career as an architect was over before it began. With many months of physical therapy I was able to regain about 70% use of my hand. This event made me realize that if I could make it through that, I could do anything.

Abstract Painting Workshop3.jpg

My Painting Journey Begins
Years later I decided I wanted to learn to paint as a counterpoint to my daily work as an architect. I struggled for 10 years trying to learn on my own and in local classes, but nothing was working. I was ready to give up - as in dump all my supplies in the trash - but then the Universe intervened. A friend was kind enough to lead me to professional instruction in a workshop.

Those 3 days completely changed my life. It was as if a light had been turned on and I could finally see how to paint - a true epiphany. Some 5 years later I was asked to teach a local watercolor painting class and I was terrified - but I did it, and I loved it. For the first time in my life, I felt as though I had found my purpose. It took me 10 more years to fulfill my purpose, leave the 9-5 grind and start teaching painting workshops nationally.



I'm Here to Serve Painters
To help them shorten the learning curve that I struggled with for so long. I do this by passing along my hard-earned knowledge through live workshops, online training courses, books and videos. Yes, I run a business and I sell things, but most of the content I provide is completely free.

Let's Connect
If you've read this far, thank you. I'd would love for us to begin a relationship and stay connected. I'm not a social media maven, so the best way for us to connect is through my Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser News and Video Blasts (You'll receive my 20 Sure Fire Ways to Loosen Up Your Painting Style EBook just for joining!) You'll hear from me every Tuesday-or sometimes more often if there is something important I need to share.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm thrilled to share in your painting journey.