Writing an Artist Statement

Writing an Artist Statement

Ah, the dreaded artist statement. Probably the most hated and misunderstood document that artists ever write. Because artists hate writing them they fill them with all kinds of art speak that no one understands - which renders them completely useless. 

Artist statements an be very useful in helping observers understand the ideas behind your work. If you have a solo exhibition for instance, it is common practice to have an artist statement mounted to the wall to help explain your work and how you approached it, or how you made it. The artist statement is meant to summarize and clarify the artist's intent.

The artist statement tells the observer what you are doing in a particular body (or series) of work and how you are doing it. I usually use the first paragraph to tell the "what" or the intent, and then the second paragraph to tell the "how" or the approach to the work.

Your artist statement will change depending on the particular series of work, or body of work, or direction of work that you are creating. Always aim for brevity and clarity for your artist statement and you'll be surprised how positively people will respond as they begin to understand what you do and how you do it.

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