The Painting of "Red Love 2"

The Painting of "Red Love 2"

The "Red Love" series of paintings shows my enthusiasm for my favorite color. This painting is a complementary color combination of red-orange and blue-green, with the red-orange as the dominant color and the blue-green forming the accents at the centers of interest.

This piece is painted on a 40x30 gallery wrapped canvas textured with a thick layer of gesso. I begin by laying in my warm red, cadmium red medium, trying to find a pleasing shape. I then add my darker, cool red, quinacridone magenta to provide variety in value and color. Next I start adding the orange in various locations of the red mixture.

Once the main body of color is established I begin laying in lighter value areas that are neutralized mixtures of the red-orange and blue-green mixed with lots of white. I then lay in light value mixes of my blue-green accent color to form my centers of interest.

There was a fair amount of work done on this piece a day or two after the video was filmed. Most of the work was related to refining shapes and softening edges to create more visual movement.

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