Matting and Framing Paintings on Paper

Matting and Framing Paintings on Paper

Matting and framing is something that most artists have to do at some point in their artistic journey. I used to do it alot when I painted in watercolor. Now that I am an acrylic abstract painter, I still find that I have small paintings that need to be matted and framed. Here is what you'll need to get started:

  • Painting on paper
  • Cloth framer's tape
  • A mat made from matboard, preferably in a white color with a backing board
  • A frame, either custom or ready-made

First, center the painting within the cutout mat opening. Make sure all edges are covered by the mat. Next, apply the framer's tape to the top of the painting to form a hinged connection.

I'm using a ready-made frame that I purchased at a big box retailer. I remove the glass from the frame, clean it thoroughly on each side, then return it to the frame.

I then place the matted painting and a backing board into the frame. Add and secure the backing that comes with frame. Screw in your picture hangers and you're done.

Note: I am using a precut mat and backing board that I order in bulk from Matboard and More. I am showing a 10x10 inch square painting matted to a standard size of 16x20. This allows for a nicely bottom weighted mat which beautifully frames the painting. The standard size mat allows for the purchase of a ready-made frame rather than a custom made one.

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