So, You Want to be a Better Painter?

So, You Want to be a Better Painter?

There is no secret handshake, magic dust or password that will make you a better painter. The only thing that will, is spending time painting. The more paintings you make, the better painter you will be.

Here are the two pieces of advice I give my students to become better painters:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of art and design and learn how to implement them in your work. Knowing what they are, and knowing how to use and implement them are different. You have to know how to implement fundamentals in your work.
  2. Make more paintings. You will never become a better painter if you only paint a few paintings a year. You need to paint 50-100 paintings a year minimum. The more you practice, the better you'll become (kinda like anything else in life, right?).

One way to make more paintings is to set a weekly or monthly goal, something short term that you can meet for a "quick win". I did this for the first time many years ago. I typically was painting 15-20 paintings per year maximum at the time. I set a goal to do a painting a week for 52 weeks, and I did it. The improvement in my work over 52 weeks was dramatic, really dramatic. 

The same thing will happen for you. Learn the fundamentals of design (I teach shape, value, color, edges and center of interest) and how to implement them. Then begin making more paintings than you ever have before. You will experience improvement quicker than you imagine. I can't wait to hear how it works out for you!

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As always, thanks so much for your support! 


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