Find the "You" in All You Do

Find the "You" in All You Do

Your mom gave you the best advice when she told you to just be yourself. Being yourself and finding the "You" is so important because you are the only "You" there is - the only person in the entire world with the unique gifts, talents, personality, life experience, world view that you have. The world needs to see and hear from the "You" that is so unique.

Once you find the "You", you can begin to embrace it, strengthen it and then put that "You" into everything you do. The reason we were all given different talents that are unique to us is so that we can share those talents with others. When you find the "You" you should share it with others as only you can.

If you don't find and share the "You" that is unique to you, then the world is missing your story, talents and abilities. Please find the "You" and share it in all You do.

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