5 Ways for Artists to Provide Great Customer Service

5 Ways for Artists to Provide Great Customer Service

I receive so much poor customer service these days that it really stands out when I receive great customer service. I put together a list of 5 ways for artists to provide great customer service for their clients.

1. Respond quickly when customers contact you. Check your email and phone regularly so that you don't miss important calls or emails from customers. I dislike having to wait weeks for someone to respond to email inquiries. Some customers will lose interest and buy from other artists if they don't receive a timely response from you.

2. Ship out artwork quickly and in good packaging. Make shipping a priority in your art business. If someone orders a painting from you, do your best to ship it within two days max. They will appreciate your professionalism in getting their artwork to them in a timely manner.

Make sure your packaging is sturdy and durable to withstand the rigors of the shipping industry. I use a double box construction by first building a container around the painting, then wrapping that in bubble wrap, and finally sliding that "sandwich" inside an outer container.

3. Follow up with your customer after the sale. Always follow up with the customer the day of, or the day after delivery to make sure the package arrived undamaged. The most important reason to followup is to see if they LOVE the painting. Customers appreciate that you take the time to follow up with them.

4. Send a personalized thank you note to those who purchase from you. I send a hand written thank you note with a piece of original art on it, but do what works for you. The important thing is to acknowledge the customer's support for your career. Make it as personal as possible.

5. Be professional. Be professional when you meet with clients, art organizations or businesses. Dress appropriately and be prompt to assure others that you are a professional and can handle responsibility.

A little attention to detail and good customer service can keep clients coming back to you time and time again, and is certainly in the best interest of your business.


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