3 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List

"In the Flow 3" 16x40 Acrylic on Canvas

"In the Flow 3" 16x40 Acrylic on Canvas

3 Free Ways to Grow Your Email List

This post is a continuation of last month's post entitled, "Your Email List: The Artist's Golden Ticket to Art Sales." In it I wrote how important your email list is to building your business and selling your art. Consistent communication with the folks on your list will, over time provide you with greater art sales.

This post outlines 3 free ways that you can easily grow your email list and begin to increase your art sales.

1. Provide Opt-In Forms on Your Website. An opt-in form is a simple form that collects people's names and email addresses. Sometimes the form says generically, "Sign Up for My Newsletter." As artists, we can surely think of something more clever than that to encourage folks to give us their email address. 

The form should be placed in a prominent position on your website, for instance at the top of the page or the top of a sidebar. You should also use it on all pages if possible - always in the same location for consistency.

For an opt-in form to work it will need to be paired with an email service provider. The email service provider collects and stores the names and emails and allows you a way to distribute information to those on your list.

I use Mailchimp, but there are many available including, Constant Contact, iContact, ConvertKit, etc.

2. Provide Links to Sign-Up and Opt-In Forms on Your Social Media Pages. Most email service providers have an opt-in form that integrates with social media sites.

You can place an integrated sign-up form on your Facebook Business Page. On Instagram you can provide a link in your profile that links directly to an opt-in page. On Youtube you can provide a link in the video description area.

I'm sure that whatever social media platform you are on, there is a way to provide a link to an opt-in page. If you aren't sure how to do it, just ask Mr. Google.

3. Art Show Openings, Open Studio Events, Art Festivals, Art Classes and Workshops. Anytime you participate in any of these activities where you are interacting with people while they are enjoying your art is a great time to get those interested in your work on your email list.

I have a Word Document form that I use at these events. I include spaces for the name and email address of those interested in receiving my weekly video blasts. 

I simply ask folks if they are interested in getting weekly information from me, and if so to please sign up on the form. It is a low-tech opt-in page that is very successful.

That's how easy it is - now jump in there and get it done. Keep a list building mentality to constantly grow your list and increase the reach of your sales.


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As always, thanks so much for your support! 


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