5 Ways for Customers to Easily Find You and Buy From You

You have to think like a retailer when selling your art. Is it difficult to find Amazon, or Walmart, or Target? Of course not. These retailers are easy to find, and easy to buy from - so why shouldn't you, as an artist, be easy to find and easy to buy from? Artists are art retailers because we trade art for money, the same as any other retail outlet.

Here are 5 ways for customers to easily find you and buy from you:

1. People will search for you by your name, so make sure your website address (URL) and all of your social media channels utilize your name. You can use your business name like I do if your name is part of your business name. I use David M. Kessler Fine Art across all my channels. Lots of time I see Instagram names that are completely different from an artist's name. Keep everything consistent so that your name as a "brand" shows up everywhere. You want customers to find you easily so they can buy from you easily.

2. Put your email address on everything so that customers can easily contact you. Your email address should be listed on your website, social media pages, business cards, postcards, press releases, etc. Customers can't buy from you if they can't contact you.

You also need a contact page on your website so that people can use the form to get in touch with you. I have a contact page, but I also have my email address listed on every page of my website.

3. Make sure your painting signature relates to your "branding." In other words your painting signature should relate to your website address and the name used on your social media pages. Again, this consistency is so important. Your signature stands in for you when you aren't there, so it needs to relate to all of your other modes of marketing. Your signature is free marketing, so make sure it is working for you as efficiently as possible.

4. On your website, put prices on your artwork. I know this sounds so basic, but I bet half the artist websites I visit have no prices on their paintings. I then have to assume they aren't interested in selling them. If paintings are sold, either mark them as sold, or better yet remove them from the site. I never show sold work on my site, because that takes up a space where a painting can be for sale. I can't make any money showing a sold painting!

5. Make it easy for customers to buy artwork directly from your website by having a shopping cart and payment processing system built-in. Purchasing art is an emotional decision, so why not capitalize on that? I want people to see a painting, fall in love with it, click the button to put it in the shopping cart and then pay for it right on my site.

Let's think about Amazon again. How EASY do they make it for you to purchase something? One-click purchasing, that is pure genius. Amazon makes it easy for you to find them and purchase from them. Use that same thinking to make it easy for customers to find you and buy from you.

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