Making Custom Note Cards

Making Custom Note Cards

For about the last 15 years I have been making custom note cards to send as thank you notes to those who purchase my paintings. I buy standard white note cards that measure 5-1/2"x4-1/4" with matching envelopes at a big box art supply store. The custom part is cutting up old paintings into abstract compositions and adding that original art to the cover of each card. I also hand write a thank you note inside the card and hand address it on the outside. Each collector then receives a completely personalized, one of a kind card. And here is how you can do the same.

I have some old watercolor paintings that never were good enough to put out into the world. I use a tool called a Zoomfinder, which I use as a view finder to help me isolate areas of the painting into abstract compositions. I cut the compositions into roughly 3"x4" pieces. You can make whatever aperture size you need by cutting it from matboard. I lay the Zoomfinder over the surface until I isolate a good abstract composition. I then trace the rectangle onto the old painting with a pencil. Once I have them all drawn on the painting I cut them out using a razor knife and a straight edge on a cutting board.

I keep the cutouts in a drawer in my office. When I make an art sale, I pull out a card, the abstract compositions, and double sided tape. I choose a composition, tape it to the card, hand write the note and send it out. This is a very simple process, but really makes collectors feel appreciated. It creates bonds that can last for your career.

This process is not about you as the artist. It is about the person who was thoughtful enough to spend their hard-earned money for something you made with your hands. It is about appreciating what they did for you and expressing your appreciation to them in a very personal manner. It is about customer service. It is about being thankful. Sending personal notes to collectors is something that very few artists do. Don't be like them! Do it for your collectors - they deserve it!

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