Here is what some of David's students are saying about their workshop experience:

“David, I learned more from you in 3 days of your workshop than I have learned in the 9 years of actively painting every week, taking painting classes/workshops/courses, and trying to continually grow and learn how to be a better painter.  

I honestly recommend your workshop to EVERY painter ....since anyone who attends will become a better painter... just by attending.  EVERYTHING WE NEED FOR PAINTING, SHORT, WELL-EXPLAINED,  AND NOT TOO MUCH SAID FOR US TO ABSORB.   WOW!  What a gift you gave to us!!!

Each day we quickly painted several paintings, trying to correctly use the concepts you explained so clearly and simply to us. Even though we failed a lot, at the end of the day, you taught EVEN MORE by critiquing, in a group setting, a painting done, that day, by each of we could each learn to REALLY SEE how to identify and fix SO MANY THINGS.  

You taught us great design, how to choose which colors to use, how to mix color by choosing cool and warm paint colors correctly, how to use values to enhance each painting, how to go about selling paintings, and so much more.  I am SO GRATEFUL TO YOU.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Nancy Jones

"Hi David, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed our workshop this past week. The presentations and demo's were so well thought out and clear, and your ability to make all the more nitty-gritty subjects like value, color theory, shapes, etc. decipherable and enjoyable is a tribute to your commitment and your skill as an educator and artist.

Thank you for giving me renewed motivation and confidence."

John Groah

"David, This is a good time for me to reflect on my first year of painting…some good…some bad…and thank God for Gesso!  But, what I most want to say is Thank You for being the most generous instructor that I have ever met.  What I mean by that is you Give and Give and then Give some more!  I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you.  I have read your wonderful book many times and I think you are a waste no time, get to the point,  kind of man.  Your book is full of important information…like everything you know about painting and I love it’s simplicity and photographs of your paintings made me want to keep turning to the next page.  I could go on and on about your book, but you have done so much more than write a book!  I have watched all of your videos, read your blogs, watched hours of YouTube videos and now you have created home workshop videos.  And, on top of all that, your paintings are GLORIOUS! You have a BIG heart for sharing your knowledge and years of experience. I am grateful to be a receiver of your gifts and talent."

Barbara Pursley

"David, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop last weekend. I learned so much and have had to adapt my skills and actually use brushes as my primary way of getting paint on the canvas and it's not nearly as easy as you make it look. You are a very talented artist and teacher and I really love your work. You've inspired me with colors that call my name and I look forward to getting better very soon. I know it's a process but I may be a bit impatient.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement."

Patty Stewart

"David, thanks for the pics and thanks for a super workshop.  Your enthusiasm and expertise made it such fun to learn from you.  I loved also that you were clearly organized, in charge and so professional.

So thank you for your efforts, your generous sharing of all you know and your experiences...a super workshop from beginning to end. I love your methods and your approach and have to say, love the big brushes, the globs of paint color and the results.  Will keep playing with all you presented and will stay in touch.

With every good wish for your continued success!"

Pegret Harrison

"David, thank you for the workshop in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I highly recommend that any painter, beginner or advanced, abstract or colorist, take your workshop. I learned from your highly informative and organized workshop the fundamentals of design, color, composition and energy in a painting. And No Mud!!! Vigorous, energetic workshop. Thanks."

Linda Kernick

"David, I had a nice, long drive home to Rockford, Illinois yesterday which gave me time to absorb the last three days in your workshop. You are one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. Your lectures were so full of information and concepts that were new to me. The wealth of your knowledge of interesting artists both living today and living in our history books was amazing and so relevant to our study of abstract art.

I felt like my best painting happened on day one. Paint First, Then Think worked for me that day. I told you that I needed to recover from past months of tax accounting and move from left to right brain. Since my right brain was pretty dormant, your teachings had a clean slate to work with.

As the workshop progressed, you built a new knowledge base in my right brain, and my tool box filled with everything I needed to paint abstractly. Day three, training wheels were off and I experienced a few crashes, but I have never been known to give up.

Thank you for your insightful critiques, positive comments (and constructive criticisms), the humor you brought to our class sessions, and for being adventuresome and coming to Door County to teach at Peninsula School of Art. I look forward to your YouTube presentations and studying with you again in the future. First I am going to order a lot of white paint!"

Chris Howard

"Hi David, A Fast Loosey-Goosey email to say WOW! I enjoyed your class so much that I had to say Thank You one more time. Being a beginner and not having much instruction besides YouTube, you were the perfect teacher for me because you pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the zone of painting fast without a lot of thinking. And thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. I love your book and it has been so useful because it has basic, practical information.

I respect teachers who are artful at critiquing and you do that well. I have taken your suggestions a on my paintings and reworked four. I added lots of paint and I am much happier when I sit and study them. The idea of painting fast automatically gives me freedom to express from my heart. Love it!

My favorite part of the class was watching your painting demonstrations. I was amazed at what you painted in ten minutes. What a Fine Artist you are! Truly love your painting style."

Barbara Pursley

"I learned more in your workshop than I did in 4 years of college art school."

Nina Green

"David, I painted today for the first time in over a year (other than your workshop) and the credit goes to you. Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop which re-awakened my love of, and joy in color! My left brain appreciated how organized and well thought out all aspects of the workshop were. And my right brain loved the emphasis on spontaneity and working without too much initial planning. In addition you are the only instructor in the many workshops I have attended over the years who discussed the business of art - again thank you."

Belinda Hammond

"The very first day and throughout the entire weekend I felt joyous. My heart was full and I enjoyed the energy you created in class. I was living and you brought it out of me. In terms of your teaching style it is so amazing. You are positive and encouraging and really work hard to help us learn. You also don't have the ego and heavy critical nature that I have experienced with some other instructors. You couple that with your talent and that is an effective winning combo to teach! The way you teach I learn!"

"What a fun weekend. Thank you again. Can't wait for your next workshop. You seriously rock!"

Joanna Pera

"Hi David, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the abstract painting workshop. I'm still telling everyone how great it was. Thank you for all of your help. I feel recharged and ready to paint!!!"

Judy Abrahams

"David, I really enjoyed your workshop. I learned a lot and will practice loosening up and being more spontaneous. You are a gifted teacher as well as a fabulous artist!"

Shannon Rainey

"David, I wanted to thank you and tell you how much fun I had at your abstract workshop at Sawtooth - Boy, it was really out of my comfort zone, as I usually do hold my brush like a pencil and my eyes go blurry from being so close to the canvas! How freeing it was to splash that paint on the canvas with nary a worry! Many thanks - you did a great job!"

T. Creech

"David, I loved your workshop here, so much fun and I learned more about color than other classes I've taken. Again, thanks."

Sue Cunningham

"Hi David! I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the class on Saturday and I would love to try some abstract painting again. If you are teaching any other classes soon, I would love to join. I am very new to abstract, which you could probably tell, but it was inspiring and intriguing to me. Thank you."

Brittany Hoopingarner

"Hi David, I wanted to thank you again for such a great hands-on experience in learning to paint. The class was great and the time just flew by. Thanks again, and I look forward to taking more classes from you!"

Sherri Carpenter

"David.... Thank you so much for the great workshop! It was great and I would definitely love to take another one where I could spend the day on a large canvas so please keep me in mind."

Donna Layng

"I loved the workshop. It was the first art class that I felt comfortable in. You're a natural teacher, and I could understand the information that you were giving us. Also, you're just a really cool person."

Tina LaChance

"Hi David, I really enjoyed your workshop...And thanks for being such a great inspiration. Thanks... for your great instruction... Looking forward to another workshop with you."

Jennifer Medlin

"Thank you for coming to Lafayette. I had so much fun and learned more than I could have imagined."

Paula McDowell

"Hi David, I feel great about what I learned in your workshop. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and being so kind with me. The workshop was fun and HAPPY!"

Sivanna Gur

"David, The workshop was wonderful! I learned a lot and I think the new information will help me to move forward. You are an excellent teacher! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience. Happy painting and safe travels."

Wendy Yeager