Abstract Painting-Setting Up Your Palette

Abstract Painting-Setting Up Your Palette

I’m fairly organized in everything I do in the studio, so having an organized way of putting out my color is an extension of my studio practices. I find too many beginning painters have no idea how to set up a palette and they get easily overwhelmed with color. Having an organized palette will help cut out some clutter and help clarify color selection and painting decisions.

My system is very simple and is used by many professional painters. I always start on the upper left with my yellows, then to oranges, pinks, reds, violets, blues, greens and on the bottom left is Titanium White. I don’t always use the same colors for each painting, but the general grouping of the paint color families is the same, regardless of the colors chosen for the painting. Sometimes I have so many colors, or color mixes that I have three rows of colors rather than the two shown in the video. I have a large palette and try to leave plenty of room for color mixing.

I find that for beginners, starting with organized studio practices pays long term benefits. It is also much easier for a beginner to mix the paint on the palette to see how it tuns out, rather than trying to mix it on the canvas. I often mix on the canvas but I’ve been painting for almost 30 years. One of the worst things to do is not have a large area for mixing. I see way too many people using styrofoam plates, which is a terrible habit to get into. There is no mixing area on a plate.

As a painter, you should give yourself every advantage to be successful. Having an organized palette which leads to an organized painting is a great place to start.

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  • April 12-14, 2019 Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, Florence, AL. For information and registration contact Christi Britton. Email: cbritton@florenceal.org.

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  • May 16-18, 2019 David M. Kessler Fine Art Studio, Winston-Salem, NC. Mentorship Workshop. For information and registration Click Here.

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