Artists Beware the Be-Backs

Artists Beware the Be-Backs

You’re selling your art at an outdoor art festival. The following happens - maybe multiple times in a weekend festival:

Potential Customer: We love your paintings, and in particular this one.

You: Thank you. The inspiration for the painting was…. and it’s ready to take home and hang.

Potential Customer: That’s great. We really love it. You’ll be here all day?

You: Yes, I’ll be here all weekend.

Potential Customer: Ok, thanks. We just got here, so we need to look around a little bit, but We’ll BE BACK.

You guessed it. They didn’t come back. They had no intention of coming back. In the art world we call these folks the Be-Backs. If you ever hear a potential customer say, “We’ll be back” you can just about guarantee you’ll never see them again.

I think it’s a way for tire-kickers (those who only look and never buy) to get away with letting you down easy. Rather than saying we can’t afford it, or we don’t have a place for it, etc. they prefer to say “we’ll be back.” You of course, are thinking you have a sale if this is your first time at one of these events. Experienced artists know what it means. If you sell art in any type of venue: art gallery, open studio, art fair, or art festival you’ll encounter the Be-Backs. At least now you’ll no what to expect when they tell you they’ll Be Back.

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