David's "Simple Color System" Color Wheel

David's "Simple Color System" Color Wheel

The color wheel is the basis for all color decisions in painting - or should be. What I find is that most students don't know how to use the color wheel because no one has ever taught them how to use it.

The typical wheels you buy at the art stores don't have any instruction on them as to how to use it, so most students buy one and then stash it away never to be seen again.

That is the reason I have developed the "Simple Color System" Color Wheel. I use the same standard 12-color wheel originally developed by Sir Isaac Newton - and the same one you purchase in the art stores. What's different about this wheel is that I provide you with my system for using the colors on the wheel, which I call the "Simple Color System."

Here is how this color wheel is different from what you buy in the art stores:

  • I have included a paint color name for each of the twelve colors on the wheel, because students have asked for this information. Also on the primary colors I have included the name of the warm version and the cool version. For example, for Yellow I have added the following: Warm-Cadmium Yellow Medium / Cool-Hansa Yellow Light. This information lets you know two important things: 1. What colors you can use out of the tube and 2. Which of those colors is warm and which is cool.
  • The color wheel notes which half of the color wheel contains warm colors and which contains cool colors.
  • The color wheel shows you the 5 major color combinations and how to use each one. For example, for Complementary Colors the wheel says to use a Dominate color, which will cover roughly 80% of the surface area, and an Accent color, which covers the remaining 20% of the surface area of the painting. The spinner is marked with Dominant and Accent so that you can easily align them to the colors you wish to use.
  • This color wheel and "Simple Color System" removes all the confusion and anxiety that most feel when trying to learn how to implement color combinations from the color wheel. It's a simple, straight forward, and easy to understand system that will have you creating color harmonies in no time at all.

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David M. Kessler's "Simple Color System" Color Wheel. Easy to use and understand. The turning pointer tells you the dominant, non-dominant and accent colors to use.  You can find out more HERE - or click on the image.