How to Install Hangers on Canvases

How to Install Hangers on Canvases

Installing hangers on canvases is a basic chore most artists need to do on a regular basis. I always get questions about how to do install them, so here goes. Here's what you'll need:

  • Painting on Canvas
  • D-ring hangers with screws
  • Picture hanging wire
  • A drill or screwdriver
  • Marker and tape measure to mark location of the hangers

I use a simple D-ring hanger that has two holes in it for securing it to the stretcher bars. The hangers I use come complete with screws for installation.

First, I mark the hanger location using a tape measure and a marker. I install the hangers about one-third the way down the stretcher, but rarely more than 8" down from the top. If the hangers are installed too far down the painting will hang too far off the wall.

I align the hangers INSIDE the stretcher bars rather than on the outside. I do this so that the hanger is invisible when hanging on the wall.

Then use the drill or screwdriver to secure the hangers in place. Next, run the picture wire through the D-rings and secure them by winding the wire back on itself for about 3". Now you're done - how easy was that?

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