Domain Name Basics for Artists

Domain Name Basics for Artists

Your domain name is your website's address on the world wide web. Okay, you have decided you need a website. There are two basic steps you need to take before setting up a website:

  1. Research, select and purchase a domain name.
  2. Select a website provider.

In subsequent videos we will talk in depth about step two, selecting a website provider and what to put in your website. This post will deal specifically with step one, selecting a domain name.

You cannot have a website without first selecting a domain name. Think of the domain name as the street address for your website. Without the address, the is nowhere for the website to reside. 

Your domain name should be based on your name, because that is always how people will search for you. it could be something like:;;; Your domain name is part of your "branding" as an artist and a business, so make sure you are branding your name.

To get a domain name you will have to search for, and purchase it from a domain name provider. Several popular sites are,,, etc. A Google search will reveal many companies that provide domain names. They are inexpensive at around $15-20 per year. You own the name as long as you pay your yearly fee.

Simply go to the site of the domain name provider. At the top of the site is usually a box to "search" for a domain name. First, put in your name to see if it is available. If not, then add art or artist or something to the end to see if that is available. 

Once you have secured your domain name you can transfer it for use at any website provider. In the next two posts we will look at setting up a website and what to include and not include when setting up your site.

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