What to Put on the Back of Your Painting

What to Put on the Back of Your Paintings

We spend so much time thinking about what to place on the front surface of our paper or canvas, we forget about the back. So what should go on the back of your paintings?

Here is the minimum amount of information that you should include on the back of your paintings:

  • Signature. You must add your signature on the back, as well as the front.
  • Copyright symbol. The copyright symbol is a 'C' in a circle.
  • Title. You must add the title to the back so that collectors and exhibition hosts can easily recognize the name of the piece.
  • Date and/or Inventory Number. I don't use dates, but many people do. If the date of completion is important for you and your record keeping then use it. Others, like me use an inventory numbering system.

Any other information you wish to add, like a narrative or descriptive information, is optional.Using this simple system will make it much easier for you and others to keep track of your work. 

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