Using a Wax Paper Palette

Using a Wax Paper Palette

I believe in using the largest palette possible for arranging and mixing your colors. I have a large glass palette in my studio, but I am sometimes too lazy (or busy) to clean it. What I like to use instead is wax paper. Yes, you heard me correctly, wax paper. It is inexpensive, light to carry when traveling and you can roll out as many pieces as you need to make a large palette area.

I always carry it when I travel to teach and I use it in my studio. Once the painting is complete, I toss it in the trash - easy clean-up. You don't have to spend an exhaustive amount of time to clean up your painting area. This is huge for me because I have a limited amount of time in my studio because of my travel schedule. I don't like to waste my precious painting time cleaning my palette when I can use the time to paint.

Wax paper is also larger and less expensive then those pads of palette paper that you buy. Those palette pads are essentially a similar material to wax paper or freezer paper.

What I love is that I can make the palette area as large as I want. I typically roll out two pieces about 3-3.5 feet long and tape them down. This gives me ample room to lay out my colors and make the mixes that I need for my painting.

Give it a try, I think you'll really like it! (And get rid of those tiny paper plates!)

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