Structure and Spontaneity for the Artist

The concept of Structure and Spontaneity is something I have talked about before: other posts in this blog, in talks to art groups, and in my abstract painting workshops. It is one of three main concepts that inform how I paint. The other two concepts being Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser and Paint First, Then Think.

Structure and Spontaneity are perfect foils for each - perfect contrasts. Structure is premeditated and constrained; Spontaneity is unpremeditated and unconstrained. For me, structure is provided by the design fundamentals that I use to organize my paintings: shape, value, color, edges, and center of interest. These design fundamentals provide the foundation that supports the rest of the painting - the structure.

Spontaneity on the other hand, provides the delight, the beauty and the unexpected. the spontaneity for me is the actual process of making the paintings. I paint spontaneously with no pre-planning to conjure up my heart and soul to expose it on the canvas. I believe that because I have the structure in place for my paintings -meaning that I have the design fundamentals in my head and I know that as the painting progresses they will manifest themselves to organize the work - then I am completely free to loosen up and let go.

This approach to painting is not for everyone, although I do suggest you try it if the idea is foreign to you. You never know how this approach may change the way you paint - forever; just as it did for me.

If you would like to learn more about painting with structure and spontaneity, then please join me for a workshop or join one of my online courses.