Painting Out LOUD!

I Paint Out Loud! Bold colors, expressive brushwork, large shapes, very little detail and large canvases. I attack the painting (before it has a chance to attack me) and let it know who's boss. I take control as soon as I get a new canvas by adding a coat of thick gesso in the same manner that I apply paint. This marks the canvas with my hand and forms a nice underlying texture for my painting.
I use large amounts of thick acrylic paint and large brushes (3-4 inches wide) to apply paint to the canvas. I work quickly and spontaneously before my analytical mind has a chance to catch-up and interfere with my progress. Analysis happens only after spontaneity is exhausted.
Big Paint, Big Brushes, Stay Loose, Let Go, No Fear, Paint Out Loud!

If you want to learn to Paint Out Loud, you can paint with me here or join one of my online courses.