How to Pack Art on Paper for Shipping

How to Pack Art on Paper for Shipping

I received a question recently from a long time reader/watcher Gaston, who asked if I would demonstrate how I pack art on paper for shipping. Thanks for the suggestion Gaston! I have talked before about packing canvases for shipping, but never about art on paper.

I paint on Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper, typically a full sheet size of 22x30. The first thing I do is place the painting in a flap-seal plastic bag that I buy from Clear Bags ( I buy the 22x30” size so that the painting fits perfectly inside the bag. I then cut (2) sheets of corrugated cardboard to 22x30 (or I use pieces already cut to 22x30 included in the shipping containers for the watercolor paper). I place one layer on top and one layer below the painting and tape them together. This makes a fairly rigid “sandwich” that is not easily bent during shipping.

For a shipping container, I typically use the boxes that my watercolor paper is shipped in (I always buy my Fabriano Paper from Jerry’s Artarama). The boxes are already to size, and usually there is at least one sheet of 22x30 corrugated cardboard included. This comes in very handy because I don’t have to make a box or cut the cardboard sheets! I place my “sandwich” of the painting and cardboard layers in the box, tape it up with brown packing tape and take it to UPS for shipment.

If you don’t have such a container handy, there are several choices available to you:

  • Make your own box using sheet cardboard.

  • Take the painting to UPS or Fed Ex and get them to pack it for you.

  • Order the containers already made from ULine. There are many options at ULine to choose from - you can get many different sizes. If I don’t have any boxes to use, I will order the following from Jumbo Easy Fold Mailers, #S-13358 or a Jumbo White Fold-Over Mailer, #S-15022.

I have found this packing method to be the best for my art on paper. The plastic bag protects the surface of the painting, the cardboard sheets protect the painting from being bent during shipping, and the shipping boxes are very sturdy, rigid and difficult to bend. The paintings arrive in perfect condition and it is quick and easy for the customer to unpack.

Give it a try, I think you will be pleased with the results!

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