Acrylic Paint Myth - Busted

Acrylic Paint Myth - Busted

I don’t watch other artists on YouTube, but my students do. They tell me things they hear and ask me if they are true, or usually they simply assume they are true without doing any research to back up what someone says. Lots of what I hear from them ends up being myth, with no substantiation in fact. That brings me to today’s topic of acrylic paint.

I have heard from many “sources” that if you use too much water with acrylic paint it will break down the polymers in the paint, thus reducing the usefulness of the paint. I can tell you with substantiated facts that with GOLDEN Paint, which is what I use, this is absolutely not true. With GOLDEN Paint you would have to use 90-95% water with 5-10% pigment for the water to begin to break down in the paint. That’s right, 90-95% water! No one will ever use 95% water when using acrylic paint - nor will you use that much water using watercolor paint!

While I cannot directly speak to the qualities of other professional quality acrylic paints, I believe that any professional quality paint will have similar values. Student grade paint will not have the same qualities as professional grade paint. Student grade paint is not 100% pigment and is mostly filler, so the breakdown of the paint will happen with less amounts of water than professional quality paint.

I have found that many paint manufacturers websites don’t have much technical information on their paint, so you have to contact them to get the information you need. GOLDEN’S website is full of technical information and bulletins describing in detail all aspects of their paint lines.

Artists, do your research before you believe everything you read in social media or hear on YouTube.

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