Studio Materials: Rubber Flooring

Studio Materials: Rubber Flooring

After recording this video, I realized the flooring I use is not rubber, it's actually foam - just so you know.

My studio floor is concrete, so when I first began using the studio, my knees and feet would hurt after a long day working. I decided then to find something to put on the floor to help ease the pain of standing for hours at a time.

What I found was this wonderful foam flooring - here is the Amazon link for what I use: The flooring comes in 24" square interlocking panels and is 1/2" thick, providing a much needed cushion underfoot. They are so easy to install - just lay them down on the floor, interlock the panels and you're done.

the provided cushioning is only part of the advantage of this flooring. It also protects the flooring underneath. In my case it doesn't matter, but these panels can be used as a protection layer over wood or tile floors. These panels are much better and safer than taping down a dropcloth over the floor for protection. Dropcloths are a tripping hazard, and for older painters, can be very dangerous.

The only downside I have found with this product is the price. The panels are a bit pricey, but for me the advantages outweigh the cost. My advice would be to purchase one package of panels and test them out before purchasing more. Depending on your studio arrangement, one package may be enough for you.

Once you have them, let me know what you think in the comments. Here is the link again to Amazon:

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