3 Great Books on Selling Art

3 Great Books on Selling Art

If you’re an artist of any kind, I’m sure you have read many books on how to sell what you make - I know I have. Three of the books I read stood out as the best of them all and I want to share those with you.

“How to Sell Art” by Jason Horejs is the first I’ll share (these are in no particular order). Jason is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Obviously, as a gallery owner you must know a thing or two about how to sell art, and Jason has put together a fairly comprehensive technique in the book on how to do it. The steps are easy to follow, and they work. I have used these techniques for a few years now. Selling takes a bit of practice (like anything else), but once you get the hang of it and put your spin on it, you can be very successful at it.

“Magic of Selling Art” by Jack White. Jack White was, at one time, the official artist of Texas. He was a wonderful portrait artist and painted some of the most influential people in Texas. Jack is a great story teller, and quite an interesting character. His life story is fascinating and I invite you to find out more about him.

This book is really a one-stop sales tool. The techniques described are very similar to those outlined by Jason in his book. Jack’s book is a bit more entertaining, and he includes a chapter specifically on selling your art at art festivals. Here’s a hint: don’t sit in a chair and read a book!

“Art, Money and Success” by Maria Brophy. Maria Brophy is the wife and business manager for Drew Brophy, who is the top surf artist in the world. You can go into any surf shop or beach ware shop and find Drew’s images on swim trunks, shirts, surf boards, boogie boards, etc. Maria is also an art business coach who helps artists be more successful.

Her book is different from the first two described. Her book is a big-picture overview of how to create a successful art business. She describes everything you need to know to sell art and have a successful business. She includes licensing your art, negotiating contracts, finding your niche, setting up shows, etc.

These three books have been very helpful for me and I know will be for you too. They should all be part of your art library.

Here are the books with links to view/purchase on Amazon:

“How to Sell Art” by Jason Horejs, Click HERE
”Magic of Selling Art” by Jack White, Click HERE
”Art, Money and Success” by Maria Brophy, Click HERE

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