The Painting of "Inlet Glow"

The Painting of "Inlet Glow"

This painting is done on a 36x36 square gallery wrapped canvas coated with a layer of thick gesso to add texture.

This painting is different than many that I do because it begins with a yellow base, which I typically don't use. I begin the painting by laying in varying colors of yellow with a bit of pink. I want the overall chroma of the piece to be yellow (warm). The painting is a Tetrad (two sets of complementary colors) of yellow/violet and red/green.

Once I have some of the yellow and pink in I begin to lay in an area of consolidated cool colors across the middle of the piece. I chose as my cool colors the complements of yellow and pink which are violet and green, to complete the Tetradic color combination. I randomly choose the violets and greens, aiming for a variety of color and value as I go.

I continue to adjust the colors and values on the painting as required until I believe it to be complete.


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