Video Equipment That I Use

Video Equipment That I Use

I have had quite a few requests from artists who want to get started in video and they have asked what type of equipment I use to film my videos. The first thing I'll say is that this is not a video on how to set up the specifics of lighting or cameras, simply an overview of what I use.

I keep my setup very simple, like most everything else I do. I don't want to have too much equipment and too many moving parts. I purchased all of my equipment (except the iPad) from Amazon.

Here are the basic parts of what I use to film all of my videos:

  1. Photographer's Lights. I use soft light boxes that are 24" square. They come with the light box, a stand, light bulb and a white covering for the bulbs.
  2. An iPad. My iPad is an indespensible part of my business life. I use it to film all of my videos. It's simple and easy to use, and I love it. 
  3. A Tripod. A tripod is a must to hold your recording device. I purchased a simple holder that holds my iPad and connects it to the top of the tripod. You can buy a similar device to hold a cell phone.
  4. Microphone. I use a Rode microphone on a boom stand. The microphone connects to the iPad with a cord that fits into the headphone jack. There are multitudes of different mics and accessories, so find something that fits your needs and budget.

My advice is to start simple, and build from your base equipment if you want to be more sophisticated. I know folks who do great videos with natural light from windows and an iPhone. Like everything else you have to experiment to find what works best for you. YouTube is a great resource (and what I used) for specific equipment and how to set up the equipment for maximum impact.

Video is a great way to communicate your ideas to others, and it provides familiarity with you, your work and your message. I have workshop students tell me at the beginning of every workshop that they feel like they know me because they watch these videos. And that my friends, is what it's all about.

For more helpful tips lime this please join me for a workshop: (You can see a full list of Workshops by Clicking HERE.)

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