Resources for the Artist

"Fire on the Mountain" 22x30 Acrylic on Paper

"Fire on the Mountain" 22x30 Acrylic on Paper

Dear Friends,
We all need assistance from time to time no matter what field of work (or play) that we pursue (I know I needs lots of help!). So I turn to folks that are experts in their fields to help with art, marketing, business and sales. Without these resources I would not have been this successful as an artist or a businessman.

This list of resources that I use and count on are my gift to you this Holiday Season. I know the people listed and their expertise will help you move forward just as they did me. They can make your pursuits in the arts fuller and richer in 2017.

Art Videos
"Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits" on YouTube. Brian combines art history, humor, inspiration and practical advice on painting and living the life of a professional artist. Website

Artists and Their Books
Frank Webb: "Webb on Watercolor" copyright 1990 North Light Books; "Strengthen Your Paintings with Dynamic Composition" copyright 1994 North Light Books. I learned how to paint using those two books!
Sterling Edwards: "Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes" copyright 2010 North Light Books; Sterling has been my good friend and mentor for more than a decade. He is the best watercolor painting instructor around!
Brian Rutenberg: "Clear Seeing Place" copyright 2016 Permanent Green Books

Art Business, Art Sales and Art Marketing
Alyson Stanfield: Alyson has amazing resources for every artist that wants to succeed. Books, seminars, groups, programs, coaching, etc.
Barney Davey: Barney has a great blog called "Art Marketing News", many online marketing programs, and many books. Barney is a great guy and provides amazing amounts of resources for every artist (many for free).
Jason Horejs: Jason is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, but also has written books on getting into galleries and selling art. He has a great blog and many other resources to assist artists.
Jack White: Jack White was once the Official Artist of Texas. He has written many, many great books on selling art. If you haven't read them, then you don't know how to sell art. At the bottom of his website click on books to see the selection. His wife is the famed artist Mikki Senkarik.
Fine Art Views Newsletter: This daily newsletter includes a variety of art related articles.
Seth Godin: Seth Godin has one of the most popular business blogs in the world, and he has written it everyday for many, many years. If is full of great ideas as are his many books which sometimes turn conventional business thinking upside down.

Online and Social Media Marketing
Brendon Burchard: Brendon Burchard is the number one motivational trainer in the world. He has a great blog and podcast called "The Charged Life". He has multiple online programs that are amazing. I joined "Experts Academy" and it completely changed the way I operate my business - it was literally life changing for me. He also does great videos on YouTube and provides many other business and marketing resources for free.
Amy Porterfield: Amy Porterfield is another amazing resource for online marketing. She is a master of the webinar and I have taken multiple programs from her. She has a great podcast called "Online Marketing Made Easy."
Chalene Johnson: Chalene is a fitness expert, but also an expert on online business and social media marketing. I love her podcast called "Build Your Tribe."

Brendon Burchard: Brendon Burchard is the number one motivational trainer in the world. Brendon produces many inspirational videos, books and live events and has more social media followers than any other motivational trainer in the world. The guy is amazing and I love the content that he produces. His book "Millionaire Messenger" was revelatory for me.
Dr. Wayne Dyer: Wayne's writings have been an inspiration for me for many years. Unfortunately he passed away last year unexpectedly. The good news is his lifetime of work is still with us. Wayne's gift was the ability to read very complex ancient texts from all cultures and then translate them to us in ways easy to understand. More inspiration than you need for a lifetime!

I trust these resources will serve you as well as they serve me.

Blessings for a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season and Merry Christmas!


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