Be Fearless (In the Studio)

I like to be fearless in the studio. I think we can all benefit from being fearless when we approach a blank canvas. After all, what is there really to fear? In a previous post I talked about painting fears and how to overcome them. When you realize what they are, it is easy to recognize and then remove them.

To me being fearless means to begin painting with everything I have and everything I am, with no worry what will happen or what the results will be - that is true freedom from fear. You can do the same. Put your whole heart into it and put yourself out there. Put all of you out onto the canvas. This takes fortitude and confidence. But with practice anyone can do it. That is when the real you shows up in the studio to make the work that only you can make. Don't edit while painting, just put your whole self out there. Splatter your emotions onto the canvas like only you can do. There will be time for analysis and editing later.

Don't let fear, expectations or negative thoughts keep you from painting the way you want to paint. Know that lots of what you do will not be acceptable. That is a natural byproduct of the creative process and being an artist. You have to be okay with that.

Once you experience the thrill of putting yourself out there and painting like you - you get this amazing rush - you will want to recreate that feeling everytime you paint. That's what I live for! 

The next time you step up to the canvas, be fearless! Put yourself out there like never before and paint like you. You'll be glad you did.

If you would like to be part of an encouraging and supportive group painting dynamic where there is no fear, then please join me for a workshop or join one of my online courses.