The Un-Intended Life of a Professional Artist

I never intended to become a professional artist; I never intended to travel the country teaching others how to create abstract paintings in a loose, free manner; I never intended to be an abstract painter; I never intended to write a book or a blog; I never intended to be an expert in my field contacted by people all over the world for advice on painting. I am always amazed at what has happened in my life, regardless of what my intentions may have been. For those that may not know, just a few years ago I was an architect and a watercolor painter painting mostly landscapes.

The most interesting thing about all of this is that I have finally found my purpose - and it only took 55 years! I could never have planned out the thousands of moves and events that it took to get me where I am today - I have a higher power to thank for that. The only thing I was really in control of was allowing myself to be open to the possibilities for my life. Had I not been open I would still be designing buildings and be completely stressed out everyday by so many factors that are uncontrollable in that area. Instead I am serving people who need my help to make their lives, or their painting lives, better. I am helping people attain their goals for their lives - goals that include being painters, or being better painters. I believe this is what I was put here to do - my purpose, my bliss. 

I didn't know anything about what to expect as a professional artist. I didn't know I would teach, write, speak, sell, film videos and sometimes paint. My life is full and busy - almost too busy to paint, which is really strange. I travel to teaching venues about two weeks a month all over the country, and find myself in higher and higher demand as a workshop instructor. I have thousands of fans all over the world that love what I do and seek me out for advice. Because of their contacts and need for information, I am filming a new online workshop course called "Abstract Painting Academy." You can see from the picture above that my painting studio looks like a film studio. Just a few months ago I had no idea how to do any of that - all I knew was people were asking for it, so I needed to figure out how to do it. This profession is a constant challenge to learn new things. The last few months has been a whirlwind of learning to do things I never thought I would need to do. Thankfully there are many resources available for learning.

What keeps coming back to me over and over in this life is to keep myself open to new possibilities. When I need something it always shows up because I open my heart and believe that it will show up. New challenges and a chance for learning get me out of bed in the morning! If you have a desire to be a professional artist then my advice is to always keep yourself open to possibilities, not only for your paintings, but for all areas of your professional and personal life. Now get out there and get to it!

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