Abstract Painting Process-Part 6

Abstract Painting Process-Part 6

This is video 6 in a 6-part series illustrating my abstract painting process from start to finish. You will see me paint this piece in real time. It is spread over 6 videos, but the actual painting sessions are not edited (unless I spend too much time looking without any action), but none of the painting sequences are edited. I am also talking to you the entire time about what I am doing.

Between videos 5 and 6 I took time to analyze the painting in preparation for getting it completed. I came up with 7 items to address:

  1. Better integrate the shapes on the bottom left of the painting. The larger green shape is too flat and heavy on the bottom.

  2. Add a bit of dark value color at each center of interest.

  3. Add more Minty G color with a small brush in several areas of the painting.

  4. On the left center of interest, integrate the blue shape with that of the green shape.

  5. Add a few darker value marks with the small brush in a couple of the light value areas of the painting.

  6. Add a few Cobalt Green paint accents throughout.

  7. Add more small bits of yellow-green color.

I address each of these items one by one until I consider the painting to be complete. I sign my name and it’s a wrap! Thanks for watching the series and you know I appreciate your support!

Please let me know if you have comments or questions and please share it with your friends.

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