Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

This is video 5 in a 6-part series illustrating my abstract painting process from start to finish. You will see me paint this piece in real time. It is spread over 6 videos, but the actual painting sessions are not edited (unless I spend too much time looking without any action), but none of the painting sequences are edited. I am also talking to you the entire time about what I am doing.

I have already established the major shapes in the painting, so now it is a matter of continuing to add color and fine tune the shapes and values, as well as further enhance the centers of interest areas. I began to add thicker paint over a fairly thin base coat of paint. Typically I will place thicker paint in and around my center of interest areas to further define them as the most important areas of the painting.

I begin adding lots of white paint, some of it very thick, in and around my centers of interest. Note how I move the brush, using all parts of the brush to make different strokes. I have it dance across the surface. I then bring in a smaller brush to animate the surface with some smaller brush strokes. I don’t do this on all my paintings, but it is part of what I do in this series of paintings. Once I start adding the white paint, I explore where a lighter value may be needed.

I then begin to address the yellow-green accent colors. I lighten some values and begin to integrate the color into the rest of the painting in much smaller amounts so as not to detract from the centers of interest. I continue to work on interlocking my shapes and adjusting my values. In the next video we get it completely finished, so stay tuned.

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