Paper I Use for Acrylic Painting

Paper I Use for Acrylic Painting

Early in my painting journey I discovered Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper - that was about 25 years ago - and I still use it today. I use it differently, because at that time I was a watercolor painter. Today I am an acrylic painter and mainly use the paper covered with gesso, but I still love Fabriano Artistico.

The Fabriano company was founded in Fabriano, Italy in 1264. You read that right, 1264. Fabriano has been making fine hand made paper since 1264, and is the largest art paper maker in Europe.

What I love so much about Fabriano Artistico is the toughness of the paper. You can work it, scratch it and scrape it and it still looks great. I also love the texture and the fact that no animal byproducts are used for sizing, unlike some other papers.

I use 300 lb cold-press, traditional white paper. I use watercolor paper as a substrate often because I have to travel to teach. I cannot ship canvases all over the country, so I rely on watercolor paper which is lighter, thinner and easier to transport from destination to destination. I coat the paper with acrylic gesso to seal the surface (so the paint won't absorb into the paper) and so the surface has the same feel and texture as my canvases. Using a similar surface treatment from substrate to substrate keeps my work looking consistent regardless of the surface its painted on.

In full disclosure, Fabriano does provide paper for me to paint on. I pass along how great it is to my students so they can benefit from using a wonderful paper with a rich history of production.

If you've used it before, let me know how you like it.

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