Acrylic Paint I Use-Nova Color Paint

Acrylic Paint I Use-Nova Color Paint

Nova Color Paint is a paint manufacturer established in 1965 and located in Culver City, California. The manufacturing arm is actually called Artex Manufacturing, but the paint name is Nova Color Paint. 

One of the things I love about Nova Color Paint is that you purchase it directly from the manufacturer and it is not sold in any retail outlets. Because they don't sell in other outlets, there is no retail markup on the product. You purchase it at direct from manufacturer prices. It is professional quality paint available at student grade prices. Who doesn't love a great deal?

Nova Color only makes one type of paint, which is soft body. They have a great range of colors, including fluorescent and iridescent. They also have a great color chart that you can request be mailed to you. It is samples of the actual paint on a sheet rather than printed colors (which NEVER match the real colors). If you find the paint too thin, you can always add one of their gel mediums to add body to the paint. On occasion I use their gloss gel and highly recommend it.

The colors are brilliant and the tinting strength is high. The consistency of the product from shipment to shipment is very good. Many of their colors, like Fluorescent Magenta and Hansa Yellow Light, I just cannot paint without. 

Nova Color makes really great paint. For anyone just starting in acrylic paint, I highly recommend it because you can get professional quality paint for the price you would normally pay for undesirable student grade paint (thats full of fillers and very little pigment).

If you haven't tried Nova Color Paint, you should. you can order directly rom their website at

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