Abstract Painting Process-Part 2

Abstract Painting Process-Part 2

In Part 2 of this continuing series I put my paint on the palette and mix the colors that I will be using in the painting.

In Part 1, I selected a color combination from the color wheel to use for the painting. For this piece I will be using an Analogous color combination (4 colors adjacent on the color wheel) of red-violet, red, red-orange and orange. Red-violet will act as my dominant color, giving the finished piece a cool, red-violet chromatic dominance. Red (cool red) will be my non-dominant color. Red-orange and orange will be used only at my centers of interest to really make them pop.

The painting I will demonstrate is part of a series entitled “Dusk to Dawn.” I am using this color combination to create the feeling of warm light against the cool, dark colors of dawn and dusk. I will be using for my red a cool red (Quinacridone Magenta) so that the color contrast is the warmest two colors playing against the coolest two colors.

The colors I am using for this painting are: Hansa Yellow Light, Pyrolle Orange, Fluorescent Magenta, Quinacridone Magenta, Light Violet, Cobalt Violet, Dioxazine Purple and Titanium White. For this painting I have kept the color palette very simple and I am using colors mostly right out of the jar as opposed to mixing lots of colors.

Color Mixtures: I am using very little mixing here, but I did add Hansa Yellow and Titanium White to the Pyrolle Orange. I also added Quinacridone Magenta to the Light Violet to turn it from a neutral violet color to a red-violet. I also added Quinacridone Magenta to the Dioxazine Purple to change it to a red-violet. I then mixed a little Titanium White to all of the colors to remind myself to use lighter values of each in the painting.

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