Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

In Part 5, I begin to tie all parts of the composition together by adjusting colors, values and shapes. You can view Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

I want to emphasize that this painting is painted wet into wet and none of the paint is allowed to dry. It is NOT painted in multiple layers.

I begin by filling in the entire canvas with color. Now I can more accurately judge my values with the bright white area covered. I continue to work the edges between shapes for seamless transitions. I warm and brighten the center of interest area on the right. I continue to adjust shapes, values and colors until I come to a stopping point where I know that I need to take time to analyze what I have done and make final corrections. In the final video, Part 6, I will make those corrections and complete the painting with my signature - stay tuned!

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