Abstract Painting Process-Part 4

Abstract Painting Process-Part 4

In Part 4 of this continuing video series I continue to add middle value color, add transitions at my centers of interest and continue developing my shapes and colors.

In the previous video, Part 3, I began laying in the dark value shapes and dominant color as well as started painting the center of interest areas. (You can view Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here).

I want to emphasize that this painting is painted wet into wet and none of the paint is allowed to dry. It is not a layered painting with dry layers over dry layers - I don’t paint like that.

In this video I continue adding more of my dominant color - red-violet. I also nearly complete the main center of interest, transitioning the warm colors of the center of interest into the cool dominant colors of the painting. This assures that my centers of interest don't look like they are cut-out, but seamlessly integrated into the painting. Making transitions between color and value is a critical skill to master so that the viewer's eye can move through the painting uninterrupted.

I continue to add and adjust color, values, shapes and edges as I go. Painting in this spontaneous manner with no pre-planning requires lots of adjustments throughout the painting process. That's also what makes it so much fun!

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