Abstract Painting Process-Part 1

Abstract Painting Process-Part 1

This video begins another 6-part series illustrating my abstract painting process from start to finish. Lots of folks have been asking for another series, so here ya go! Please keep in mind that this is my painting process, and it may not be right for you. I am only showing you how I work through my painting process and am not advocating for you to use the same process.

The first step in my painting process is to choose a color combination from the color wheel to use for the piece. I always begin with the color, because it sets the mood for everything that comes after.

Choosing the color combination before painting means there are fewer decisions to make during painting, thus making the painting process much easier. Using the color wheel to select the color combination assures that the colors used will be harmonious - meaning they look like they go together, and are pleasing to the eye.

In this series I am using an Analogous (4 colors adjacent to each other) color combination of red-violet, red, red-orange and orange. Using my "Simple Color System", I will need to choose a dominant color, a non-dominant color and two accent colors. I have chosen red-violet as my dominant color, red as my non-dominant color and red-orange and orange as my accent colors. The painting I will demonstrate is part of a series entitled “Dusk to Dawn.” I am using this color combination to create the feeling of warm light against the cool, dark colors of dawn and dusk. I will be using for my red a cool red (Quinacridone Magenta) so that the color contrast is the warmest two colors playing against the coolest two colors. The dominant color creates the overall chromatic dominance of the painting, the non-dominant color covers less surface area than the dominant color-but supports the dominant color, and the two accent colors are used together to make my centers of interest stand out. (You can Click Here to purchase my "Simple Color System" Color Wheel).

For this series I am painting on a 24x24x1.5” stretched canvas that has been covered with a thick layer of gesso, thus creating a background texture for the piece. I will be using professional grade acrylic paint by Golden Artist Colors. You'll see me use a spray bottle filled with water which I use to help the paint spread more easily across the surface of the canvas. The brushes I use are primarily natural bristle brushes in 2", 2-1/2" and 3" sizes. At the centers of interest I may use a 2" or 1” synthetic bristle brush to assist in cutting a sharper edge.

Please let me know if you have comments or questions and please share it with your friends.

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