Abstract Painting Process-Part 2

Abstract Painting Process-Part 2

In Part 2 of this continuing series I put my paint on the palette and mix the colors that I will be using in the painting.

In Part 1, I selected a color combination from the color wheel to use for the painting. For this piece I will be using a Complementary color combination of green and red. Green will act as my dominant color, so that when I look at the finished piece is should be primarily green. Red will be my accent color, used only at my centers of interest to really make them pop.

The colors I am using for this painting are: Hansa Yellow Light, Pink (a custom mixture), Magenta, Fluorescent Magenta, Viridian, Cobalt Turquoise, Minty G (a custom blue-green mixture), Teal and Titanium White. For me, this is a VERY limited palette, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so that you realize you don't need tons of colors to make a nice painting.

In mixing colors on the palette my goal is to mix 2-3 varieties of each color of the Complementary color combination that I will be using. I can then tint each of those varieties as required to create a beautifully varied, yet harmonious color palette for the piece.

Red Mixtures: For my red color, I am using only cool reds because I think they make better pinks, which is what I am going for instead of a bright red. I mix my three reds with Titanium white to make a lighter value of each. I mix just a bit of Hansa Yellow Light with one pink to warm it just a bit. I also mix the Fluorescent Magenta with the Cobalt Turquoise to make a muted green, tending toward violet.

Green Mixtures: Viridian, Cobalt Turquoise, Teal and Minty G are all blue-green varieties right out of the jar. I mix them with a bit of Titanium White to tint on one side of the pile of color and a bit of Hansa Yellow Light and Titanium White on the other side to make a Yellow-Green variety of each. My goal is to ultimately have a balance of Blue-Green and Yellow-Green in the painting.

In the next video, the painting begins!


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