My Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

My Abstract Painting Process-Part 5

In Part 5 of this continuing video series I continue to refine the centers of interest and overall value pattern of the piece.

In the previous video, Part 4, I began creating the centers of interest in the piece, and continued laying in color to establish the color dominance and value pattern. (You can view Part 1 Here, Part 2 Here, Part 3 Here and Part 4 Here).

Here I go back into my centers of interest and darken and thicken the dark value red-violet paint to enhance the visual contrast between the light value of the centers of interest and the dark value shapes.

In that same spirit I also create lighter values in and around the centers of interest to increase the contrast. I am constantly working the shapes, color, value, edges, and centers of interest to create the best possible balance between all the fundamentals.

Join me on the next and last video in the series where I analyze the results, make final corrections and add the signature.

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