My Abstract Painting Process-Part 1

My Abstract Painting Process-Part 1

I have had lots of requests lately from my readers and video viewers to illustrate my painting process. You have told me you enjoy the painting videos, but you'd like to hear me talk about the process rather than just show the painting. Sooooo...

Thank you for your interest in the process and thank you for the suggestion to show the steps that I go through to make a painting. The video above is the first in a series of six that shows my painting process from start to finish. I have previously only shared this process with those students that participate in my paid programs.

The first step in my painting process is to choose a color combination from the color wheel to use for the piece. I always begin with the color, because it sets the mood for everything that comes after.

Choosing your color combination before painting assures there are fewer decisions to make during painting. Using the color wheel to select your color combination assures that the colors you use will be harmonious.

Please let me know if you have comments or questions and please share it with your friends.

For those that are interested in learning to paint in a similar process, I have some workshops coming up that you will love. (You can see a full list of Workshops by Clicking HERE.)

As always, thanks so much for your support! 


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