The Painting of "Calypso 1"

The Painting of "Calypso 1"

One of the greatest things about painting with no pre-planning is that what is going to happen is unknown when you begin a painting. There is real power in Not Knowing what will happen, but trusting that using your skill and experience you will find your way.

This painting video is a good example. What you don't see is the beginning of the painting which was awful! I sprayed it heavily with water and began wiping it with a towel to blur what was there and partially remove the image. So this video begins with a canvas that already has paint on it. Once I had the smeared color around with a towel, I could see where I needed to go. Just because your initial marks may not be successful, doesn't mean you can't have a successful painting.

This painting is a part of a series called "Calypso." The colors feel like the Caribbean to me, and Caribbean colors make me think of Calypso music, so.... hence the name. The series colors are predominantly in the blue-green range with accents of yellow-green and red-violet.

So, In this busy, hectic time of year just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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  • February 12-15, 2018, Society of Bluffton Artists, Bluffton, SC. To register contact Sandra Wenig:
  • February 21-23, 2018, Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, Ft. Smith, AR. To register contact Casey Seamons:

As always, thanks so much for your support! 

Love and Blessings to all of you in this beautiful Holiday Season!


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