The Painting of "And Then There Were Three"

I began this painting with an underpainting mixed from Buff Titanium and Neutral Grey 6. I used plenty of water so that it was thin and dripped down the canvas. After the underpainting dried, I began painting large dark shapes with Payne's Grey. I applied these randomly with no pre-planning.

The color combination for this piece is blue-green and re-orange - a complementary color combination. I wanted there to be mostly neutral colors allowing the dark shapes to command attention. The blue-green is Cobalt Turquoise mixed with lots of white and grey, and the red-orange is a mixture of Pyrole Orange and Quinacridone Magenta.

The canvas size is 36x60, a favorite because it is easily hung above a bed, sofa or fireplace. A perfect size and good price point for many collectors.You can see the painting HERE. 

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